residency programs in Armenia

[NɛST] residency program
Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the launch of its Project Lab initiative, [NɛST] community center and residency cluster for artists, curators, theatre directors and choreographers, filmmakers, art critics, art historians as well as interdisciplinary theorists and researchers interested in a wide range of subjects including but not limited to: community design, music and sound art, architecture & urban studies, filmmaking and film studies, social archeology and narratives, contemporary dance and performance, parenting as social-cultural/artistic practice, time-banking and other forms of non-fiscal social sustainability, artifacts as social, cultural, virtual and bio facts, artifacts as errors.

Art & Cultural Studies Laboratory
Art Commune Artist-in-Residence Program
The aim of the “ART COMMUNE” Artist-in-Residence program is not the promotion of cultural tourism, but the creation of intellectual space, where the residents will get the chance of interpenetration in different cultures with the supportive diligence of radical creative interactivity and the vector directed to stimulate artists from all artistic disciplines to live, work and collaborate on an agreed project during their preferred time of residency in Yerevan and in the country as well.
The resident artists will also get the chance to cognize and research the visiting country – Armenia with its rich Historical Heritage and contemporary situation as a Post-Soviet country with its contextual, ideological issues.

Suburb Cultural Center
Suburb Cultural Center is initiation of AICA Armenia and Mekhitar Sebastatsi Art School to provide local and international artists and curators with an open space to exhibit and discuss art projects and solo exhibitions.
The main activities of the Suburb (artists’ talks, workshops, discussions, presentations, screenings and exhibitions) are taking place in the space of Mekhitar Sebastatsi Art School located in one of the suburbs of Yerevan called Bangladesh.

ACOSS Cultural NGO
The aim of the organization is to support the development of contemporary creativity and realizing projects by Armenian and international artists and theorists, to organizing exhibitions, conferences, discussions, researches, seminars and workshops concerning the local art, political and social situation on the background of nowadays worldwide movements.

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