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November 20, 2010

Certain production was taken from Facebook’s Armenian domain. Images are dislocated and ‘strayed.’ But there is an opportunity to encounter them in any place and to  related with them face to face, to leave comments or questions.

Social network is an arena for users’ self-presentation and representation of their activities. Can it be identified with  the place of art representation? If yes, then ”what can become art?” or, ”What is the difference between art and non-art?”. What kind of challenges are contemporary art institutions in Armenia faced through the construction of representational spaces by Facebook?

These displaced images simultaneously emphasize the task and the problem of the place. Almost all centers of contemporary art in Armenia share the problem of a place which one way or another is substituted by Facebook. In this way, strategic issues related to art become out-strayed.

The current project tries to find a place for an art’s self-criticism.

Karin Grigoryan


photos by nvard yerkanian

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