FEDERICO VITALI: LAVA-LAVA! & GUANO Storyboard Exhibition and Screening

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September 08, 2010

“Everything starts with boredom. I was bored when I was a child.At that time I was sure boredom was one of the most terriblethings in the world. But now I think, that if I had children,I’d want them to be bored, because boredom favours imagination”(F.V.).

One who knows how to amaze and be amazed. Author of Guano, Lava-Lava,Bingo-Bongo cartoons, speaks modestly about his works. He looks surprised asa child, when someone shows interest or joy when confronted with his works.Within the Second ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival in AJZspace the story-boards of his two carton series from Lava-Lava and Guano wereexhibited. In addition to that, an open air screening of his cartoons was organizedin front of the AJZ space. A TV monitor was installed in the window, andthere were about ten seats in front of it, so that people could watch the animationthroughout the week.


photos by nvard yerkanian

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