VIDEO / AUDIO: Audio And Visual Improvisation Evening

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March 8, 2010

Participants: Alisa Sargsyan, Aram Mkhitaryan, Astghik Zakaryan,Harutyun Alpetyan, Narine Zolyan, Nvard Yerkanian,Sebastian Boulter, Sona Manukyan, Sveta Bogomolova,Vahram Muradyan and others.

On the International Women’s Days AJZ held an occasion of collective audio andvideo improvisation. Guests were asked to bring any sound-emitting or visuallyattractive items with them. As a result two hour-long sound improvisation was followedby video jamming. The latter was filmed and immediately projected on thewall as a backdrop for the sounds.Used materials were: buttons, iPhone, sugar, soda, water, ink, greens, beads,cuttings from fashion magazines, photos, letters, transparent sheets for animation,scissors, polyethylene, Kinder Surprise toys, eggs, vinegar, oil, guitar, accordion,computer, etc.

photos by nvard yerkanian

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