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studying ex-position
call for participants : studying ex-position performance workshop

in the framework of high fest international performing arts festival and аrmenian independent performing arts platform /aipap/ ajz art collective /ica yerevan/ in collaboration with shadow casters/ bacači sjenki artistic platform /zagreb/ are glad to present the launch of studying ex-position  performance workshop in yerevan.

studying ex-position
boris bakal
intensive studies on the praxis of performance
high fest / evn
october 1-7, 2015

applications are now being accepted until september 25

friday, 1 october – tuesday, 7 october
wednesday, 7 october: final public presentation

high fest workshop room / evn



studying ex-position
the title of the workshop, studying ex-position refers to the act of exposing in a large sense, it investigates how to expose; to be exposed; to performatively embrace a place or site that is ex-site; a place of memory; the one in which light itself is the memory of the event.

legitimising a space through performing fictions, where the entire city acquires the outlines of theatre, the seminar aims to expand its scope of investigation beyond the boundaries of managerial politics existing nowadays where the stage is no longer under the patronage of state institutions and where the borders of private ownership and common good, dramatic story and stage object, performer and spectator, are all blurred.

the workshop is based on the case study and partial re-enactment of a multi-award winning performance ex-position directed by boris bakal, which is the second part of the trilogy process_city inspired by franz kafka’s novel the trial and its philosophical and political implications.
it refers to space as the archive of various political denials of human freedom as well as of human endurance. it suggests a communication with extremely intensive and personal experiences, demanding openness, direct reaction and sensitive participation from the performer and the “onlooker”. the workshop also explores the artistic recuperation and transformation of private and informal public space.

following its premiere at the 2005 urban festival in zagreb, ex-position was subsequently presented in croatia at eurokaz international festival (zagreb, 2006), bok international festival (bjelovar, 2007), indomitable city festival (krizevci, 2007), international festival fiat in podgorica (montenegro, 2007), bitef – belgrade international theatre festival (Serbia, 2007), szeged international festival thealter (hungary, 2008) sarajevo international theatre festival mess (bih, 2008), puf – pula international theatre festival (croatia, 2009) split (croatia, 2009), “schonste blume des ostens!” in chemntiz (germany, 2010) and others.

awards and nominations/
main award cloud – puf (pula international theatre festival, 2009)
avaz dragon award (as part of the trilogy process_City) – mess (sarajevo international theatre festival, 2008)
special jury award and second audience prize -bitef (belgrade international theatre festival, 2007)
nomination for the 2006 croatian national theatre award for best directing
best performance by critic choice in croatia, serbia, bosna and hercegovina (2006, 2007, 2008)

studying ex-position will take place in october in yerevan in the frames of high fest International performing arts festival where we will explore these and other topics, and stimulate further our curiosity, offering an occasion of researching the relationship between body, city, memory and event.

ajz art collective
nvard yerkanian / harutyun alpetyan / taguhi torosyan
ajz was founded in october 2009 as a non-commercial artist-run space by nvard yerkanian and harutyun alpetyan. from exhibitions, presentations, artist talks, discussions and screenings to educational programs like workshops and lectures, ajz has demonstrated a strong commitment to the development of independent artistic production in armenia, fostering dialog between contemporary art and the society. in many cases it was done in collaboration with local and international art organizations like ica, aica-armenia, utopiana.am, urbanlab yerevan, afg film club, art & cultural studies laboratory, suburb cultural center, eastern european performing arts platform, concept & theory tbilisi and geoair.

In 2012 ajz formed a collective of friends/colleagues/artists/curators/ that focuses on the interconnection of urban space, memory, personal and political narratives as well as the economy of hope and the borders of (im)possibilities.

selected projects
camera mañana: a project with no deadlines [second edition]: timeline / 2014
camera mañana: storage for (im)possible realities [first edition] / 2013
economy of hope at 8th gyumri international biennial of contemporary art / 2012
refloration  project/exhibition / 2011

shadow casters / bacači sjenki  is a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed international artistic and production platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and reflection on inter-media art from zagreb.
working with public urban space through various art interventions and projects is one of the main areas on which their work and research is focused.
sc have reaffirmed as the leading partner on the small and large scale projects on three continents /europe, asia and north america / since 2001.
in their projects they also thoroughly investigate past and present lives of neuralgic urban locations and related topics of collective and individual memory, which constantly brings their performances to places and localities that are for the first time involved in contemporary artistic discourses.

the majority of these projects is created as performative, educational, multimedia or socially engaged time sculptures that tackle entirely different creative approaches and often involve audience as co-creators and participants in process and production of their works.
for their projects, sc have received various recognitions and awards, both in croatia and abroad.

boris bakal is a theatre/film director and actor, intermedia artist, curator, writer, activist,

pedagogue. throughout his versatile career, he authored projects, performances, lectures, installations and multimedia creations, presented by the festivals, exhibitions and manifestations in more than 20 states across europe as well in usa, senegal and jordan.

his work is marked, among other, by pronounced exploration of the site/time/situations-specific and the interactive elements of arts. boris bakal was visiting scholar/researcher at New York university, stony brook university, studio art centres international /florence/ exeter, kent, hamburg, chulalongkorn, manchester and columbia University. he is a co-founder and co-author of the projects of bacači sjenki /shadow casters  / since 2001.
he is the co-founder of several artistic and activistic platforms, festivals and associations, e.g. flying university, orchestra stolpnik, theatre of obvious phenomena, hunting season festival and croatian antiwar campaign. boris is also the co-founder and co-author of the projects of bacači sjenki/shadow casters (since 2001) , the artistic platform that has won numerous awards and prizes for their work. boris is currently working on various film, intermedia and theatre projects: ex-position film/postproduction/ concrete love documentary film/production/ perfect circle documentary film/pre-production  and urban hum theatre-intermedia/production.

knowledge of either english, german or italian is an asset.

workshop participation is free of charge,
– 1-week intensive workshop, for a total of about 64 hours;
– closing with a final public presentation.

who can apply
performers, multimedia and visual artists, writers, architects, system thinkers, musicians, public & art historians, filmmakers and interdisciplinary urban researchers.

how to apply
applications are now being accepted until september 26, 2015.

please send an email with cv, portfolio / links to recent works to coordinators at ajz.space@gmail.com & t.vardapet@gmail.com

places available: 6

the workshop process as well as the final performances will be documented in photograph and video, and become part of the archive of the high fest international performing arts festival, to be screened at the next edition. at the end of the workshop a certificate will be issued to each participant.

for further information and application please contact the facilitator
Email: t.vardapet@gmail.com

project is realized in the frames of the “Regional Art and Culture Program in the South Caucasus”. Program is managed by the Culture and Management Lab with financial support of the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SCO).

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