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Tbilisi InSights goes Yerevan: exhibitions and discussion

11072292_10152679502431078_1505950838_nTbilisi InSights aims to outline a non-linear, personal perspective on the transformations of daily life in Tbilisi. Architecture, when not explored as a merely functional assemblage of speechless elements which compose inhabited spaces, incorporates life, therefore Tbilisi InSights considers, as the very foundation of architecture, people. People who need places to live and work, who build and envision, who inhabit and change the given and future architectural structure.

During the two-week working period Tbilisi InSights and AJZ Collective will not only present and discuss the work in process and the informal archive of the Tbilisi InSights project consisting of Tbilisi inhabitants’ personal artifacts of various media and forms on Tbilisi architecture but take the project further and collaborate on an informal archive in Yerevan.

The aim is to collaborate between Tbilisi and Yerevan, two geographically and historically close cities, and through this exchange to examine their similarities and dissimilarities, and to present an outcome as well as reflections on the work in process concerning parallel and diverging momenta to a professional and wider audience and participants.

– First Opening, Exhibition of informal archive of Tbilisi: Friday, March 27, 7:00 PM / AJZ space
– Discussion: Sunday, March 29, 7:00 PM / Mirzoyan library
– Second Opening, Artist talks and exhibition of informal archives of Yerevan and Tbilisi: Friday, April 3, 7:00 PM / AJZ Space

The discussion will tackle the issues of archives and architecture as well as the possibilities of agency of people in the local system of governmental politics, the local context of an inadequate dichotomy of public and private space in Yerevan.
Ruben Arevshatyan / artist, curator and art critic, president of AICA-Armenia
Violet Grigoryan / poet and co-founding editor of Inknagir literary magazine
Misak Khostikyan / artist and architect

Tbilisi InSights collective consists of four Tbilisi based members: Public Space with a Roof (http://www.pswar.org/) artist Tamuna Chabashvili, anthropologist Data Chigholashvili, architect and Tbilisi Moare (https://tbilisimoare.wordpress.com/) researcher Gvantsa Nikolaishvili & artist and Concept and Theory-Tbilisi (http://conceptandtheory-tbilisi.com/) founder Katharina Stadler.
Website: www.tbilisiinsights.wordpress.com
Contact: tbilisi_insights@yahoo.com

AJZ Collective consists of 3 Yerevan-based artists and curators; Harutyun Alpetyan, Nvard Yerkanian and Taguhi Torosyan.
Website: http://ajzspace.org/
Contact: ajzspace@gmail.com

The project is implemented by Tbilisi InSights collective, GeoAIR and Concept and Theory-Tbilisi, with the support of Arts Collaboratory and DOEN Foundation.

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