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October 13, 19:30 – Presentation of ARMENIA WALKING THROUGH project by Roberto Sartor and Irene Valenti

October 14, 17:00 – Meeting, discussion with local artists about ARMENIA WALKING THROUGH project. Discussion is open for everyone.



ARMENIA WALKING THROUGH is a project of travel and meeting of the Armenian communities, existing along the route connecting the cities of Venice and Yerevan.

ARMENIA WALKING THROUGH is a project that aims to build a new method of investigation and to experiment a new narrative method to describe a culture through its imaginative, fantastic and oneiric dimension.

We will use photography, video, interviews, collected objects.

The journey will culminates with the set up of a “Wunderkammer”, meant as an instrument of comparison and debate. Set up in the AJZ Space (Yerevan) it will combines all the materials and suggestions collected during the journey, to propose them to the artistic reality of Armenia today.

The final objective will be the pubblication of an Artist’s book, meant as collective art work, made with the contribution and the involvement of all the participants at the project.


photos by nvard yerkanian

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