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April 29, 2011      Art demonstration performed in the frame of CITY IN USE – project by Suburb cultural center.

Art in public space, both the term and the phenomenon, is rarely articulated in Armenian social and cultural life. It’s coverage occurs mostly in the narrow circle of contemporary artists and art professionals. In the urban landscape, art and public space clearly coexist. It can occur in the form of lasting, static images or objects such as monuments, street patterns, or building facades. It can also occur in the form of passing…, transitory phenomenon like banners, street art, social activism, or flash-mobs.
How are these icons, images, acts, and concepts perceived? Is this spectacular complex perceived as art or as another type of social creativity? Perhaps it is generally ignored?
Protesting against art in public space is an attempt to stimulate our society to form an attitude towards this interrelationship between public space and an image set into the later. Meanwhile it is important to note that ‘public space’ itself is a very complex and problematic issue in the realm of social life in the whole post-soviet area. The biggest of these problems is indeed the diminishing quantity and transformation of public space both in material and discursive terms.


photos by alen amirkhanyan and nvard yerkanian

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